FPC has been operating in the IT sector since 1998. We offer consulting services in Linux domain, Hosting and web application development.
We put our knowledge at the disposal of our clients, we assist them in the choice of solutions that are genuinely of use to them, we develop ad hoc solutions and we offer tailor made hosting, taking care to maintain an infrastructure that is able to exploit the advantages of technological evolution.
FPC deals with supplying solutions for the administration of business networks guaranteeing the maximum professionalism. The solutions proposed are based on open-source software. The choice of Linux operating system as a platform is synonymous of reliability and security.
Releasing ourselves from licences which limit the use of software, resources can be focused on the specific solution to problems and to optimizing professional activity.
We can realize your ideas by working closely in collaboration with the person who has the know-how of the business flow, bringing in our technology. Consultation on the creation of IT infrastructure, both for hardware (chosen specifically for your needs) and for Software (tailor made for your needs).

We can also provide tailor made administrative solutions:
Why accept an expensive, pre-designed package that is difficult to use when you can have a program built to respond to your specific needs. Our solutions might even cost less! Our aim is to improve business production reducing the cost of administration.