Case study – backup email


Client: "Tell me that there is!"

We: "Hello?"

Client: "Tell me that it is somewhere!"

We: "Hello? It's FPC, who is speaking?"


At 6 o'clock p.m of a Friday like the other, when everything seemed to go well, the weight of a week of support on the shoulders...responding to SMS about the program evening ...we receive a call from the holder of a client factory. With a disperate tone and voice trembling, he's able only to say some words like "e mails" , "my e mails" , "oh my God, oh my God" , "e mails lawyer, the customers of German, the Emirates order", "…". Do you know when you will prefer everything but not this? It is happened at 6.01 pm.

The holder of the factory manages to calm down, she takes a breath and says: "You have to help me, I can't see the incoming mails...". Here is the confirmation, it was exactly what I imagined. Essentially the holder explains us that accidentally the new intern has deleted all the incoming mails from customers; she had search also on the trash mails but nothing. She had also restart three times the PC Windows (she usually restarts the PC for any problem) but nothing! Gone an entire folder!

While the client was explaining us the problem, we check the service database of the backup and we see that fortunately 4 months before she starts the support with us for the mails backup. We take a breath and tranquilize the customer; because agitation she doesn't check the email notification of backup that every morning arrived as requested. We explain her how to recover all the factory messages. The archive to recover were very big and the customer wasn't in a good situation to find the right concentration and solve the problem…

Client: "Can you do the restore?"

We have synchronized all the messages since the last backup on each folder (every 2 hours accordingly her factory needs) , from server to server. I have heard a big sigh of relief from the other side of the phone!


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