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backup online data service linux

" The battle of evermore "

To combat these risks, a backup of your information must be kept. Tape recordings, the "best backup ever"! Sure ? Can we be sure that the information is written correctly and regularly on the reels? And in the case of fire? Why risk storing coils in the same office as your equipment where it could be at risk of fire or theft. Traditional backup methods reduce but do not eliminate risks. Our solution is called remote backup. The availability of a secured copy of your company data in another machine in a remote place, one of the best strategies of Disaster Recovery.

Reliability is a key concept for us. Archiving and safekeeping data systems guarantee availability, speed of execution and performance. "24/7" is another strong point for us: transactions and backup procedures are performed daily and our technical department is able to intervene at any time to ensure we meet the agreed service level agreement (SLA).

Automated backup and restore procedures on external device or network server using secure protocols..

Laptops, workstation servers, each of those devices can be at risk of theft, damage caused by poor maintenance, carelessness in use or, now more than ever, by cyber attacks even when they are not connected to the Internet.

backup online data service linux

Security is guaranteed due to the fact that our services are housed in premises equiped with emergency power supply systems (via generators and UPS), physical and logical security, automatic fire detection and extinguishing and, of course, technical supervision.


The proposed system provides data encryption throughout the entire proccess. This means that your data is encrypted before being transmitted to our systems, where it will be stored in this state. In this way access to the archive is explicitly permitted to authorized personal only. Obviously the base of our service is guaranteed through the signing of an agreement to ensure customer safety, reliability and accountability of the provided services in accordance with the Legislative Decree 196/2003


Our solutions are obviously proportionate to our customers' needs : the amount of gigabytes, the history of the copies and the number of transactions are calculated and agreed upon in accordance with the needs of your firm.



Soluzione standard

50     Gb    €   6,50 /mese                     (€     78 /Y)
100   Gb    € 12,80 /mese                     (€   150 /Y)
250   Gb    € 28,00 /mese                     (€   336 /Y)
500   Gb    € 52,00 /mese                     (€   624 /Y)
1000 Gb    € 99,00 /mese                     (€ 1188 /Y)

Soluzione server in comodato d'uso (consigliato)

50     Gb    € 27,42   /mese                   (€   329 /Y)
100   Gb    € 33,25   /mese                   (€   399 /Y)
250   Gb    € 57,42   /mese                   (€   689 /Y)
500   Gb    € 81,58   /mese                   (€   979 /Y)
1000 Gb    € 129,08 /mese                   (€ 1549 /Y)

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