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FPCos is the area of our company which focuses exclusively on the development and implementation of Open Source solutions.

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Open Source in IT refers to the development of software whose program code is of public domain. This means that an unlimited number of people can contribute to its development. Over time the Open Source label has come to mean free and open software and the open software par excellence is identified with Linux. There are contradictory opinions on the use of Open Source software in business environments.

There are those who believe that all software used in business should be Open Source and there are those who on the other hand, label it quite simply as a sort of didactic experiment. However, its use does offer undeniable advantages Comparable, often even better than most popular commercial software, but absolutely free and perfectly implementable in standard computer infrastructures for systems defined by worldwide standards, updates are readily available, easily found and of course free, virtually impenetrable in terms of security, since the code is open and conducive to any upgrades, possible customization of the code in case of necessary expansion of functions and free from any software-house as well as total release from obligations of commercial software.
Business environments: The use of free software generally brings medium and long term advantages. These advantages increase considerably in time and in proportion to the size of the company. The first result in fact, even if this may seem a superficial analysis, can be immediately identified: The firm is not burdened by substantial initial investments due to the fact that the software is free of charge.
In any new situation, one should certainly take into account the amount of time necessary for staff training and for the overcoming of the reluctance to changing old habits for the use of new software, a light integration with other software, the need of competent technical support in case of faults.
However, the required system enviroment can be very quickly set up! In addition, there is likely to be an increase in (the quality of) staff members' computer skills. It can be said that the economic and "mental" effort of the new working practices will only be a challenge in the initial steps of the change. The use of open-source software must still be evaluated case by case. There are realities where the use of Open-Source based programs bring unique advantages: they should be favoured in structures such as schools or in public administration, while in other areas the use of proprietary software could even find reason of necessity.
The "courage" to face a change, sometimes even imperceptibly, should be understood as a force of investment and necessary to bring radical changes in the way you work! ... Try FPC to realise the full potential of new radical & streamlined working practices.