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Personalized hosting solutions

to manage websites and email accounts. FPC's release servers administered by FPC's staff only. Linux operating system!

  • E-mail:
    • AntiSPAM Security Services with customizable security levels on individual accounts;
    • access POP3 e POP3S;
    • Support for infinite e-mail aliases;
    • Vacation Service (answering machine) and forward function activation for each e-mail account;
    • webmail on HTTPS secure protocol;
    • Web admin panel for users management;
    • customizable quota for each individual mailbox.
  • Web:
    • Access via FTP;
    • Customizable web space;
    • statistics on website accesses.
  • Advanced features:
    • Antivirus protection service;
    • database activation for dynamic website;
    • SMTP Auth service activated for every individual e-mail account;
    • FTP / WebDAV additional reserved storage space;
    • customization of third level areas.