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newsletter service

A newsletter is a useful tool to transform potential clients into real clients and to promote client fidelity. It can be used to communicate commercial news such as special offers, changes to price lists, new products, fair participation or updates and research on editorial topics.

The newsletter can contain links to pages of the company website, and so is a powerful means to maintain and increase traffic to your site.
Email clients are unable to support the forwarding of huge quantities of email. In fact, they were created to manage the exchange of single personal emails, which are sent and received one by one during the course of the day.

Anyone who has attempted to send a mass email from Thunderbird or other email clients will have discovered at their own expense, how frustrating and disastrous this can be. In many cases this results in the blocking of the software and PC as well as the slowing down of the internet connection for some time. Professional services have been created to deal specifically in the management of large mass mailing.

Email providers use different protocols to manage the sending of EMAIL. Among these there is a macro difference between what is known as BULK and single posts. Even considering the best case scenario when the dispatch of mass mails succeeds, the numbers delivered will be very low. The providers of post such as Gmail, Yahoo, Libero, Aol and Hotmail to mention a few, criticize the dispatch of large quantities of emails sent without the aid of a professional newsletter service (ESP) The most likely outcome will be that the majority of emails will be directly filtered or sent to the SPAM file of the consignee thus annulling the effectiveness of your mail campaign.


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