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Over the past few years, with the development of programming codes and web standards, and with the spread of broadband lines, the Internet has become a regular, indispensable tool for users even to the point that being online has become a necessity for companies and professionals.

For some companies, it can offer extraordinary opportunities for development and expansion into international markets!


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It's important to choose who to trust carefully

Every field, every single professional reality has different needs and therefore requires a website or a web service tailor made and functional to their needs and expectations. FPC is available to analyze each customer's needs (productive sector, market reference, customer types and behavior, competitors websites) and propose the most suitable and adequate solution.
FPC has skilled web designers and developers that are capble of dealing with each stage of development, from the initial analysis and design to the final realisation up to the subsequent promotion online, delivering a complete, ready to use product.

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  • designing content architecture: structural organization of information space and navigation schemes to create easy to use and intuitive websites;
  • graphic design and production of the website in coordination with the corporate image (created from scratch or existing material);
  • construction of XHTML sites , compliant with W3C Standards of usability and accessibility;
  • analysis, rewriting or redesign of old or sub-standard websites, crossbrowser testing;
    creation or adaptation of websites for correct viewing via mobile devices;
  • creation of CMS (Content Management System) and dynamic websites in PHP on MySQL database for easy management of contents by customer;
  • customization of production, content distribution and customer loyalty systems (RSS, newsletter, sms);
  • implementation of online payment and e-commerce systems.
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